Floral Vintage Crockery

Hire Price List

The prices below are based on a standard hire period of up to 4 days.
Washing up is included in the price. We prefer to do this ourselves upon their return.


Cup & saucer £1.40
Coffee cup & saucer (small) £1.00
Tea plate £0.40
Starter / dessert plate 18-23cm £0.60
Dinner plate 26-28cm £0.80
Milk jug £1.20
Sugar/cream/jam basin £1.20
Glass jug £3.00
Tea pot £4.00
Coffee pot £4.00
Sandwich/cake or starter/dessert plate £1.20
Single layer glass cake stand £3.00
Large serving platter £2.50
2 tier cake stand £4.50
3 tier cake stand £6.00
Tureen £3.50
Vase £1.00
Salt & pepper pot £1.00
Champagne glass £1.00
Tumbler £0.80


Sugar tongs (silver) £0.50
Jam/cream spoon (silver) £0.50
Cake fork £0.20
Large fork £0.20
Knife £0.20
Large knife £0.20
Tea spoon £0.20
Dessert spoon £0.20
Dessert fork £0.20
Serving spoon £0.20
Cake slice (silver) £1.50

Free cutlery hire with crockery bookings over £50.00 (this offer does not include the silver items)


3.50 metre lengths. Flag size 25cm x 20cm £3.00

Home made Floral Napkins

Includes launder

37cm x 37cm £0.70

Napkins - White Vintage Lace and Embroidered Napkins

Includes launder

Embroidered napkins
Various sizes £0.70

Tablecloths - White Vintage Lace and Embroidered Table Cloths

Includes launder

Embroidered table cloths
Various sizes £5.00

Baskets with home made Floral Lining

Includes launder

Approx 40cm x 27cm x 8cm £3.50

We offer a friendly, attentive and flexible service and by appointment you are welcome to view our crockery and try out ideas to help your vision evolve.